About Mariposa Keepsakes

Mariposa keepsakes will soon be launching a range of prints designed for fingerprint keepsakes.  Either be supplied on their own or as a complete set these will allow you to create a truly unique keepsake for your special event.  Whether you are looking for a picture to use as a wedding guest book or a picture for you or your children to create a wonderful and unique gift, hopefully you will find a picture to suit.  If not contact us and make a request and we’ll see if we can help.

Our Aim

Mariposa Keepsakes is a small family business and we aim to give you high quality, excellent service and affordable choices to allow everyone to make a keepsake to treasure forever.  We aim to have digital copies which you are free to print at home as many times as you want, through to a bespoke service allowing you to tailor your print by adding personalization and selecting ink colours onto a commissioned or completed gift.

We aim to set ourselves a part by giving a selection artwork drawn by myself and other artists which can’t be found anywhere else.  Our artwork is not supplied to any other companies.

Some of the artwork may be customizable, allowing to add features to make it special to you or the recipient.  For example our signature single tree will soon have options to add:-

  • a rope swing from a branch.
  • an engraved look heart added to the trunk.
  • a signpost in the ground.

Adding these will be at no extra cost allowing to choose something that really suits your needs without breaking the bank.

Customer Contact

We really enjoy hearing what or customers are looking for.  If you find we don’t have the picture you are looking for please let us know.  A list of possible future images is maintained and these will be prioritized according to customer requests, seasonal changes and business need.  Your vote might help ensure that your image is next on the list.

Or aim is to keep the images fresh and relevant.  Images will be removed and reintroduced as appropriate throughout the year.  Every quarter we hope to release 1 new seasonal or topical image and 1 other new image.  We hope you can find what you are looking for, no matter the occasion.

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