Fingerprint Keepsakes

Fingerprint keepsakes are sometimes called fingerprint trees and make excellent guestbooks.  Each guest at your event uses a coloured ink pad to press their own fingerprint onto the page to help create a wonderful and unique piece of art.  Even though other people may have the same keepsake set, your choice of colours, the number attending the event and the guests themselves make this truly one of a kind.  Whether you choose to frame and hang your work of art or treasure it in private either way will give a lasting memento of your occasion.

Keepsake Sets

We provide almost all you need to run a fingerprint keepsake table at your event.  Each set contains the following:-

  • Your choice of print on 140gsm cartridge paper.
  • Test page on 70gsm paper for you to practice and test the inks on.
  • Page of instructions for your guests.
  • A sample of your finished picture for inspiration for your guests.
  • Ink pads, usually 2 but this will be specified against each set.

All you need to add is

  • A table
  • Baby wipes
  • Some fingers!

We find that baby wipes are a good choice due to their size, design and ease of disposal.

Your chosen print can be personalized with the name, date and message about the occasion such as “Happy 90th Birthday Tom” or “On your Naming Day” or we can use a generic set of wording for a faster turn around time.

Fingerprint Keepsake Art

Although fingerprint keepsakes are ideal for guestbooks this is not the only use for these prints, you can use the to create unique works of art to give to someone special, perhaps children to parent or grandparent, or a whole family making a family tree for a special birthday, or what about a unique present for a teacher at the end of school.

Although the set would be used in the same way, you would complete the picture privately with the ink supplied and give the complete work as a present.  Perhaps it could be framed or given with a decorative box it to make it extra special.

Completed Fingerprint Art

Mariposa Keepsakes also sells a range of completed fingerprint keepsakes which make an idea gift if you are in a hurry and what something unique.  Each picture will be fingerprinted by hand in the same way it would if you had completed it yourself, giving unique results and making a special gift.

We do have some that are ready to post others can be commissioned so that you can choose your colour inks but they will have a lead time.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and time frame.  We would love to hear from you.