Completed Fingerprint Keepsake

Why not give a completed fingerprint keepsake as a gift?  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Our keepsakes are printed on the same high quality paper stock as if you were completing it yourself.  Our completed keepsakes are fingerprinted by hand so no two will be the same.  The product you see is the exact one you get.  Due to the unique nature of the print this is necessary as you may prefer the fingerprint density or layout, even if it is the same image and wording.

Fingerprints are randomly applied with mixed densities.  As our keepsakes are hand fingerprinted they look like fingerprints, with lines, ridges and gaps.  They aren’t perfectly oval and they are not all the same size however this is what makes each piece special and unique.

Exact replicas of our keepsakes are not available.  A keepsake can be commissioned to look similar but it will not be identical.  All commissioned work must be paid for in advance.


Please be aware that while every effort is made to show a true representation of the colours used, they may look different in real life.  This is due to different screen and colour settings.  If you want to be sure you will be happy with the colour please contact us for a sample sheet.  Please list the colours you would like to see, these can be found in the description of each completed fingerprint keepsake.

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